I’m excited to welcome you to the 2018 edition of Smart Cities Week Washington, DC and to reveal this year’s theme: Collaboration: the cornerstone of the smart city.

To successfully navigate the smart city journey, you must find ways to collaborate. For instance, to collaborate with colleagues in other departments to craft plans and policies, to exchange ideas, to share costs, to share data. But you also need to collaborate with peers in nearby cities and counties. And with cities in other parts of the world who have valuable advice to pass along.

At Smart Cities Week, collaboration is more than a catchphrase – it’s baked into the entire event. For instance, you can participate in pre-conference workshops, where you will sit with other cities and with private sector experts to learn the latest. Or you can join our Boardroom sessions — interactive city-to-city roundtables–ideal for knowledge exchange.

Our tracks this year include:

1. Re-imagining transportation
2. Enlightened financing
3. The smart workforce
4. Data for civic good
5. Smart infrastructure

All five tracks include sessions highlighting collaborations, including city-city, city-state, city-federal, and public-private.

And don’t miss the City Readiness Hub, a special area set aside specifically for city-to-city mentoring.

The Hub is also a great place to bump into our Readiness Ambassadors, city officials that have worked with the Council’s Readiness Program over months and years. They gather at Smart Cities Week twice per year to continue their own learning, and also to share their lessons learned.

Most of you have known for years that collaboration is central to smart city success. Now you know where to go to find peers and experts who will march by your side on the path to a better urban future.


Jesse Berst
Chairman, Smart Cities Council