The Smart Workforce

How public agencies large and small are building tomorrow’s smart workforces will be a focal point at the 2018 Smart Cities Week, which returns to Washington, D.C. Oct. 2-4. An entire track dedicated to The Smart Workforce will highlight ground-breaking initiatives, new and improved training and retention programs and the impact a culture of innovation can have on local economies.

Attendees will hear about promising collaborations with local colleges, local businesses, unions and professional groups that can help cities and other jurisdictions nurture a smart city workforce through recruitment pipelines, training initiatives and more.

In one session, Kelly Schulz, the State of Maryland’s Secretary of Labor, will talk about initiatives in her state to cultivate a thriving workforce that meet the demands of a dynamic Maryland economy.

Local government budgets are also dependent on a strong economic base. Smart Cities Week participants will have an opportunity to hear insights from public sector leaders on how they are strengthening their local economies through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Another session brings together officials representing small cities, suburbs and rural communities who are working with the private sector to build opportunities for innovation — incubators, accelerators and vocational training programs among them.

The other tracks at this year’s conference offer opportunities to hear the latest on four additional trending topics in the smart cities space ‒ Re-imagining Transportation, Smart Infrastructure, Enlightened Financing and Data for Civic Good. There’s also buzz around an exciting new addition to this year’s conference ‒ the City Readiness Hub, a special area set aside specifically for city-to-city mentoring.