Smart Infrastructure

Smart Cities Week 2018 returns to Washington, D.C. Oct. 2-4 with an entire conference track dedicated to what public sector officials need to know about Smart Infrastructure. From solid waste to social resilience, the energy-water nexus to smart buildings, industry experts and seasoned smart city practitioners will offer case studies and best practices showcasing the proven benefits of smartening infrastructure.

This year’s conference theme is Collaboration: the cornerstone of the smart city. In many cases, smart infrastructure projects stem from collaborations ‒ perhaps between a city and the local electric utility to install smart street lighting or with a new development that will have integrated and interconnected smart features.

Today smart technologies can reach into almost all aspects of city operations. Smart Cities Week attendees will hear, for example, how digital infrastructure drives social resilience. Panelists, including Kevin Bush, Chief Resilience Officer with the District of Columbia, will highlight ways that problems such as gun violence, food scarcity, homelessness and opioid addiction can be evaluated and prioritized using smart technologies.

Another session will focus on technology city officials are using to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of solid waste management.

In an interactive discussion, practitioners who have melded new and traditional technologies to build net zero, low carbon and regenerative buildings will discuss smart buildings as the next frontier ‒ including tips on financing them.

The other four tracks at this year’s conference ‒ Enlightened Financing, Re-imagining Transportation, The Smart Workforce and Data for Civic Good ‒ will naturally intersect with smart infrastructure topics. There’s also buzz around an exciting new addition to this year’s conference ‒ the City Readiness Hub, a special area set aside specifically for city-to-city mentoring.