Re-imagining Transportation

An entire track dedicated to Re-imagining Transportation will bring together industry experts and visionary leaders for perspectives on what’s new, what’s next and what’s working now.

Participants will hear how collaboration between cities, counties, ports, transit operators, nonprofits and other public and private sector stakeholders can deliver smart and equitable transportation solutions.

The Internet of Transportation

Connected transportation is a new reality that has or will soon impact most cities. Smart Cities Week attendees will hear state and local transportation officials address how they are using the Internet of Things to improve the efficiency of public transit systems, strengthen traffic safety and reduce vehicle congestion.

How to effectively reboot yesterday’s transportation systems to incorporate multiple modes of transportation – carshares, bikeshares, on-demand (micro) transit, etc. – is top-of-mind for many city leaders and transportation planners today. Seasoned practitioners will be at Smart Cities Week to offer best practices for developing a more inclusive and efficient transportation ecosystem that can help eliminate the vehicle congestion, poor air quality, parking challenges and expenses associated with a car-centric transportation model.

The other four tracks at this year’s conference —Enlightened Financing, Smart Infrastructure, The Smart Workforce and Data for Civic Good — will naturally intersect with transportation topics. There’s also buzz around an exciting new addition to this year’s conference — the City Readiness Hub, a special area set aside specifically for city-to-city mentoring.