Collaboration: the Cornerstone of the Smart City

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OCTOBER 2 – 4, 2018 | WASHINGTON, D.C.

Conference Pillars

Re-imagining Transportation
The full force of the latest mobility advances will come when regional authorities adopt a shared vision of a transportation future that not only improves safety, efficiency and air quality, but also provides better access to opportunity for people in underserved communities. Discover how collaboration between cities, counties, ports, transit operators, nonprofits and other public and private sector stakeholders can deliver smart and equitable transportation solutions.

Enlightened Financing
Around the world cities are successfully deploying modern technologies to improve their social, financial and environ¬mental well-being without putting their budgets at risk. Learn how future-focused jurisdictions are moving beyond traditional, tax-based financing to more creative and collaborative alternatives – public-private partnerships, demand aggregation and cooperative purchasing, performance-based revenue models, pooled bond financing and infrastructure sharing among them.

The Smart Workforce
Does your city’s workforce have the skills required to operate a data-driven enterprise optimized by information and communication technologies? Many don’t. Yet STEM education, training in high-demand STEM skills as well as new recruitment and retention strategies can be a win-win for cities and their employees. Hear about promising innovations, such as collaborations with local colleges, local businesses, unions and professional groups on to recruitment pipelines, training initiatives and more..

Data for Civic Good
A smart city’s most precious resource is the data it produces — and analytics help make sense of it all. Analytics software takes massive quantities of data and turns it into actionable intelligence that leads to better decision-making and ultimately enhances livability, workability and sustainability. Learn how data analytics provide heightened awareness of city systems in real time, helping operators make informed decisions on maintaining and optimizing everything from water supply and traffic flow to police and emergency response.

Smart Infrastructure
A common misconception about smart cities is that a city is either smart or it is not. In fact, cities constantly work in progress, often starting with a single infrastructure project. It may be a collaboration between a city and the local electric utility to install smart street lighting or a smart policing project in a, particularly crime-prone neighbourhood. Get advice from city leaders and industry experts on smartening infrastructure — one project at a time.




Boardroom Sessions


Lab Sessions





Smart Cities Week Australia inspires action and fosters networking across an emerging region. This experience will provide the tools, facilitate the dialogue, and build the opportunities that accelerate better, smarter cities.

Smart Cities Week Washington D.C. is not just facilitating the discussion, but incubating the action – from our intimate boardroom policy debates and experiential labs, to our marketplace breakfast and learning institute.

For real smart cities action to be catalysed, panel discussions are no longer effective. Our five Smart Cities Week experiences will engage policy makers, industry innovators and start-up entrepreneurs alike. We have matched the content with the necessary level of deliberation, learning and inspiration.

Take a sneak peek of just some of what will be on offer:

  • Boardroom discussions on the smart state, social equity, 5G and a digital built environment
  • Learning labs on city service delivery, mobile augmented reality, smart buildings and autonomous vehicles
  • A learning institute delivering masterclasses on the Internet of Things, social media analytics, digital engagement and smart cities standards
  • A showcase stage for the innovators wanting to show us what tomorrow looks like
  • The Agora, for delivering your best pecha kucha presentation, start-up pitch or case study
  • A legacy project on pre-conference day that will contribute to the local community, and an opportunity to work with your peers on building greater social equity through tech and data
  • A research forum bringing government, academia and industry together to explore the role of research in accelerating smart cities deployment, replication and scaling
  • A proptech summit digging deep into the digital transformation of the property sector.

…and there’s more to come.


Every industry has its must-attend event and Smart Cities Week is the region’s must-attend smart city conference.

For companies that want to rise above the noise in this incredibly competitive market, you could not invent a better opportunity to demonstrate your latest technologies and thought leadership as you interact with government leaders and decision makers, private sector developers, and investment agencies.

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