To government leaders and policy makers, established solution providers and emerging innovators.

In the fast-paced and rapidly-evolving smart cities space, everyone must have an eye on the horizon.

In a sector where ‘What’s next?’ is the question, Smart Cities Week Australia is the answer.

This year, Smart Cities Week Australia will showcase the world’s most dynamic smart cities market.

And what better platform than Sydney, one of the world’s major financial capitals and most sustainable cities in the region?

Smart Cities Week Australia may be held Down Under, but this regional event will showcase the best innovations and brightest ideas from New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other the ASEAN nations.

This is more than just a conference – it’s an experience. And this experience is at the heart of our program. Just a few of the experiences you can choose to engage with include:

  • The Boardroom
    Focussed on dialogue around leadership, policy, and key national and regional smart cities issues
  • The Lab
    A space for learning, testing and networking
  • The Institute
    A space for training and education
  • The Stage
    Showcasing, inspiring and sharing leading best practice
  • The Agora
    The perfect platform for fast-paced presentations and interaction.

Oh, and of course, a new experience for us all – the Australian Smart Cities Awards reception night.

Woven throughout these diverse learning and networking experiences are themes that matter now, and next year: Connected, Aware, Accelerate and Compassion. These guideposts will frame the important dialogue during the event, and after we go home. Smart Cities Week Australia aims to builds a policy agenda for the region, shape investment roadmaps, and inspire collective action.

Do you want your city to be more liveable — safer, cleaner, more convenient? More workable, competitive, prosperous? And more sustainable — with less carbon, more resilience? Then you can’t afford to miss Smart Cities Week Australia.

It’s your best tool for keeping your community, your citizens and your own career at the forefront of positive change.