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The Smart Cities Week Workshops provide opportunities for cities to learn first-hand from experienced practitioners and move from discussion to concrete actions that will deliver benefits. We guarantee you will leave with ideas, best practices and action plans that you can immediately put into practice.

Workshops include:

Using the Science of Wellbeing to Guide Your Smart City

City of Santa Monica and evolve 24
This is the most exciting trend in the smart cities sector – because it is about cities leveraging the power of data to better understand the people they serve; and then using that information to increase their ability to operate more effectively, responsively, and efficiently by using scientifically determined community subjective wellbeing measurements. In addition – since there is an ability to correlate economic and other quantitative data with community subjective wellbeing, a city can see directly how improved wellbeing improves livability, workability and sustainability.
Invited attendees will have a unique opportunity to:

  • Get an introduction to the science of wellbeing and its public sector application
  • Find out why other cities are already measuring wellbeing to improve outcomes
  • Learn when, why and how to combine wellbeing data with other metrics
  • Understand how to build out a wellbeing framework for your city
  • Take home insights and tools to apply the science of wellbeing to your own community

This workshop goes far beyond talk and into application. Attendees will take home usable insights and the knowledge and tools to apply what they’ve learned in their own communities.

Anthony Sardella, CEO, evolve 24
Julie Rusk – Chief of Civic Wellbeing for the City of Santa Monica
Lisa Parson – Project Manager, Office of Civic Wellbeing for the City of Santa Monica
Anita Chandra – Director of RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment

Design Challenge: Innovation at the Urban Intersections

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cities are the economic engines of every nation. Urban centers are growing at an extraordinary pace, in terms of their population, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Cities need new knowledge, data, models and tools to address the multiple challenges of buildings, mobility, and community, and meet aggressive national, regional, and local energy and sustainability goals. In this workshop, local government officials–mayors, city managers, CIOs, sustainability officers, as well as providers/vendors from smart cities verticals will take a deep dive into what’s next for integrated smart cities, to discover opportunities for innovation at the intersection of energy, carbon emissions, and city planning.

Reshma Singh – Program Director, Department of Energy’s Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD)
Rahul Chopra – Fellow, Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor Rockefeller Center
Matt Haynes – Principal, Fehr and Peers
Paul Mathew – Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Daniel Hamilton – Sustainability Manager, City of Oakland
Gaurav Garg – CIO, City of Santa Clara
Matt Luckhardt – Senior Project Director, Five Point Holdings

City/Utility Summit Meeting: Partnering for Smart, Sustainable Cities

Join with notable cities and electric companies for a fast-paced, interactive workshop to uncover the best ways for cities and utilities to partner. Collaborate with your peers to understand the opportunities, the barriers and the next steps.

You will hear success stories from early pioneers. You will also work together in small teams to distil core principles and best practices, including exploring solutions like new business models for sharing infrastructure, costs and data. The findings of this Summit Meeting will become part of Utilities Advancing Cities, a year-long initiative of the Smart Cities Council and the Edison Electric Institute. Space is limited; please reserve your spot now.

Bob Borzillo – Vice President of Smart Cities, Itron
Eric Finch – Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, City of Spokane
Andy Macklin – Director of Smart Cities Initiatives, PGN
Mike Diedesch – Lead Smart City Engineer, Avista
Kim Zentz – Chief Executive Officer, Urbanova
Maurice Henderson – Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Portland

Masterclass: Broadband 101 — Infrastructure for the Next Century City

Next Century Cities
Join the Next Century Cities for a masterclass on the hows and whys of for local government broadband investment and implementation. Local government leaders from urban, suburban and rural communities will join in a wide-ranging discussion that will address municipal broadband, public-private partnerships, incremental builds and working with incumbent providers. A different group of city officials and vendors will address 5G–what it is, how to work collaboratively with providers to bring it to your community. This workshop is essential for cities in the early phases of broadband and 5G adoption.

Deb Socia – Executive Director, Next Century Cities
Christopher Mitchell – Director, Community Broadband Networks at Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Jill Boudreau – Mayor, City of Mount Vernon
Kate Garman – Smart City Coordinator, City of Seattle
Christy Batts – Broadband Division Director, CDE Lightband
Tom Mullen – Chief Data Officer, County of Riverside
Tony Batalia – Information Technology Manager, City of San Leandro, CA
Rebecca Hunter – External Affairs and Strategic Communications, Corporate Development & Strategy at Crown Castle
Zach Friend – County Supervisor County of Santa Cruz, CA
Jory Wolf – Vice President of Digital Innovation, Magellan Advisors

Industry Exchange: smart city technology and planning standards

Standards and guidance documents play a critical role in describing good practice and clearly set out what needs to be done to comply with specified outcomes. They help in the planning, design, manufacturing, procurement and management processes to ensure goods and services supplied are fit for purpose. Join other smart cities leaders in this forum to discuss the latest global standards, including the emerging IEEE standard on developing a technology and process framework for planning a smart city.

Zack Huhn – Founder, Venture Smarter

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