Geoff ArnoldCTO, Smart Communities Verizon

Geoff Arnold is the CTO for the Verizon Smart Communities organization. He was previously CTO at Sensity Systems, a developer of lighting control and computer vision systems. He has been a cloud computing architect for Cisco, Huawei, Yahoo, Amazon, and Sun Microsystems, working on both public and private clouds, and focusing on scale and federation. He has thirty years of experience in distributed systems architecture and network protocols. Geoff has participated in many open source programs and standards initiatives, including NFS, Windows Sockets, multi-agent Distributed AI, and several projects within the OpenStack cloud computing community. He currently represents Verizon in smart cities standards. Geoff was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at US Venture Partners, and has advised several startup companies. He earned a BA in Computer Science from the University of Essex, England.

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