Look Who’s Coming

Smart Cities Week attracts government leaders who are at the forefront of the smart cities movement, allowing you to hear from and network with people who are making meaningful differences in their communities. Check out which city representatives are participating in Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley 2018:

Job Title City
Chief Information Officer Albuquerque, NM
Director, IT Department Berkeley, CA
Information Security Manager Berkeley, CA
Chief Scientist Berkeley, CA
Staff Scientist Berkeley, CA
Mayor Birmingham, AL
Director, Department of Innovation and Economic Opportunity Birmingham, AL
Community Development Director Camas, WA
Assistant City Attorney Carlsbad, CA
Assistant to the City Manager Carlsbad, CA
Chief Operations Officer Carlsbad, CA
Director of Information Technology Carlsbad, CA
Environmental Manager Carlsbad, CA
Public Works Manager Carlsbad, CA
Smart Cities Program Manager Cary, NC
Innovation Team Centennial, CO
Deputy Program Manager Columbus, OH
Chief Sustainability Officer Chula Vista, CA
Director Information Technology Concord, CA
Chief Technology Officer Cupertino, CA
City Manager Evanston, IL
Deputy County Executive Fairfax County, VA
Mayor Fremont, CA
Senior Transportation Engineer Fremont, CA
Deputy Human Services Director Fremont, CA
Chief Information Officer Fresno, CA
Computer Services Division Manager Fresno, CA
Councilman Homestead, FL
Mayor Pro Tem Indio, CA
Projects Assistant Lancaster, PA
Director of Technology and Innovation Las Vegas, NV
Business Partner for Innovation Las Vegas, NV
Chief Technology Officer Las Vegas, NV
Chief Data Officer Los Angeles, CA
Smart City Coordinator Los Angeles, CA
City Council Member Los Altos Hills, CA
Information Technology Director Manhattan Beach, CA
Chief Information Officer Mountain View, CA
Mayor Mount Vernon, WA
City Manager Milpitas, CA
City Councilmember Milpitas, CA
Sustainability Manager Oakland, CA
Director of Smart Cities and Special Projects Orlando FL
Job Title City
Environmental & Technology Manager Palmdale, CA
Engineering Technician Palmdale, CA
Transportation/Special Projects Manager Palmdale, CA
Chief Information Officer Palo Alto, CA
Deputy City Manager Palo Alto, CA
Director of Information Technology Pleasanton, CA
Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives Portland, OR
Mayor Racine, WI
Chief Information Officer Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Deputy City Manager Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Program Lead, Digital Services & Analytics Redwood, CA
Assistant City Manager Reno, NV
Chief Information Officer Roseville, CA
Assistant City Manager Riverside, CA
City Manager Salinas, CA
Senior Environmental Specialist San Diego, CA
Principal Energy Manager San Diego, CA
Chief Data Officer San Francisco, CA
Chief Innovation Officer San Jose, CA
Information Technology Manager San Leandro, CA
Chief of Civic Wellbeing Santa Monica, CA
Project Manager, Office of Civic Wellbeing Santa Monica, CA
Director of Information Technology San Mateo, CA
Project Manager San Mateo, CA
Communications Officer San Mateo, CA
County Supervisor Santa Cruz, CA
Mayor Santa Clara, CA
Chief Information Officer Santa Clara, CA
City Manager Santa Clara, CA
Assistant City Manager Santa Clara, CA
Director of Public Works Santa Clara, CA
Director, Parking & Transportation Services Santa Clara, CA
Smart City Coordinator Seattle, WA
Policy Advisor Seattle, WA
City Manager Sunnyvale, CA
Assistant City Manager Sunnyvale, CA
Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Spokane, WA
Mayor University Place, CA
Information Technology Manager Ventura, CA
Deputy City Manager West Sacramento, CA
Information System Division Chef Hampstead, Canada
Director General Hampstead, Canada
Smart City Consultant Ottawa, Canada
Economic & Tourism Director San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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