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Cities helping cities. The first-ever Smart Cities Readiness Hub paired cities that are starting their efforts with those that have already paved a trail — but all ended up going home with useful insights. Check out this video to hear Meredith Gruber from Cary, NC; Melanie Morgan from Centennial, CO; and Dennis Gakunga from Chula Vista, CA, describe their experiences and the value they are taking home.

West Sacramento, CA, has been populated since the Gold Rush, though it’s only been a city for barely 20 years. Its elected officials are pushing to make use of smart cities principles to better serve the community, and mentor city Chula Vista provided some helpful advice to build its plan.

San Miguel de Allende, a nearly 500-year-old Mexican city, is trying to determine how to use smart cities technologies to keep up with rapidly expanding tourism without destroying its rich history. At Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley, it got some helpful advice from Las Vegas.

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