Conference Presentations

Opening Keynote Session
Jesse Berst
Pat Vincent Collawn

Bridging the Digital Divide: Best Practices in Broadband, Public WiFi and Digital Literacy
Andrew Buss

Keynote Address: A New Digital Deal
Bas Boorsma

Department of Energy Smart Energy Analytics Awards
David Nemtzow

Smart Cities Tackle Climate Resilience
Chris Castro

Inclusive Mobility – Building Smart Transit Systems as Lifelines for Vulnerable Populations
Colleen Casey

Alternative Business Models for Investing in Smart Cities
George Atalla

Overcoming the Six Key Challenges to Smart City Progress (from Those Who’ve Gone Before)
Meghan Cook

Smart Energy Analytics for Cities
Ralph Muehleisen

ORNL projects related to the Urban Dynamics Institute (UDI) and Automatic Building Energy Model Creation (AutoBEM)
Joshua New

Readying the Roads: Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
David Rouse – Russell Brooks – Nico Larco – Michael Lim

Dialogue with the 2017 Smart City Readiness Challenge Winners
Stuart Cowen

The Smart Water Utility of the Future
Thomas Kuczynski